Other Projects and Efforts

We love design, the landscape, the environment, our clients, and everyone involved.  We love it so much, we want to help you and your colleagues, friends, neighbors, basically anyone and everyone to learn more about it.  Our goal is to provide information so that everyone grows, gardens and all.  Below briefly outlines some of the ways we've begun to tackle this in support of the community.

Maintenance training with ReScape CA in Concord, CA 2017

Maintenance training with ReScape CA in Concord, CA 2017

Public Speaking and Training

Jennifer has performed public speaking, teaching, and training on a variety of subjects for select clients.  Our clientele has included PG&E, UC Berkeley Extension, ReScape CA, The Ecology Center, and a smattering of groups, HOA's, and other organizations.  We are happy to bring a talk on a wide range of topics.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Firescaping - landscaping in a fire paradigm
  • Firescaping workshop - Site Evaluation with Fire in Mind
  • Planting Design
  • Site Design
  • Planting Design, selection, and selecting individuals at nurseries
  • Planting Considerations in the Understory of existing trees
  • Water efficiency in landscapes
  • Lose Your Lawn
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Sheet Mulching
  • Coming soon: a topic we come up with together!

Feel free to bring your educational needs to us. 

Guidelines: technical & design

dGDA is proud to be lending expertise to local government agencies and local HOA's to support their need for updated technical and design guidelines.

Current guideline work is underway for firescaping guidelines for local HOA's exploring pre-construction through design and we're also consulting on a new guideline for IPM in landscape design. 

design guidelines placeholder image.jpg

wikimedia cc photo of deer in a wildfire

wikimedia cc photo of deer in a wildfire

The Word is on FIRE

Perhaps we're crazy, but we are writing a book!  The manuscript for a book that addresses the relationship(s) between fire and the landscape is underway - that's all we can say right now, but keep your eyes open for more on this and feel free to email us a kick in the tail feathers to keep us moving.  We're very excited about this project and hope that you will be too once we've got something we can share.